Plan your Visit

Heritage tour between the hotels plus 2-3 Day Itineraries for the local area of each hotel

The three Historic House Hotels - Middlethorpe Hall - Hartwell House - Bodysgallen Hall

To help you plan your visit, we have put together suggested itineraries for each hotel.

Historic House Hotels Heritage Tour

Historic House Hotels - 2-3 Day Itineraries

Itineraries for all three hotels

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Bodysgallen Hall, North Wales - itinerary

2-3 day itinerary for Bodysgallen Hall

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Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire - itinerary

2-3 Day itinerary for Hartwell House

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Middlethorpe Hall, York - itinerary

2-3 Day itinerary for Middlethorpe Hall

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Bodysgallen Hall - film locations for 'The Secret Garden'

Stay at Bodysgallen and explore the local film locations.

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Hartwell House - film locations for 'Bridgerton'

Stay at Hartwell House and visit nearby locations of the 'Bridgerton' world. 

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Middlethorpe Hall - film locations for 'Bridgerton'

Stay at Middlethorpe Hall and explore nearby locations where filming of the 'Bridgerton' world took place. 

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